Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fring brings 1 way video calling to iPhone

The video above is a demo of the newest feature of Fring for the iPhone, the app now allows you to receive video calls on your iPhone device.  Since the iPhone does not have a front facing camera the app is limited to 1-way video calling at this time, but the company plans of upgrading the app to enable 2-way video calling once the hardware is compatible.  To use the app for now, the caller would have to use a Nokia handset or their computer to initiate the video call, from either Skype or Fring.  Make sure you are on a WIFI network when using this feature since Video calling over 3G is not yet available on these devices.

Ill be testing this out myself, in the meantime visit (iTunes link) for your copy.

Update:  Here are screenshots from my test call.  So, go for it, video calling works.

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