Monday, December 7, 2009

Google's got Goggles everywhere, visual search now possible

Thank you Google for continuing to push the limits of technology and showing others that a company can offer great products that make consumers lives easier without charging an arm and a leg.  The good folks at the mighty G have done it again, their latest product, called Goggles (love that word) brings visual search to Android devices running OS 1.6 or higher.  Heres how it works:
If you see a book, a picture, or are outdoors and want to know more about the store you are standing in front of holding your camera; fire up Goggles.  The app has an augmented reality feature that can instantly tell you the name and other pertinent information about the building in your viewfinder. (see the video above).  Another feature of Goggles is being able to take a picture of an object you would like to know more about and Goggles will give you detailed information about that product, it can identify books, pictures, landmarks, logos and even grab the content off a business card and add it instantly to your address book. 3 geeks up for this one, keep em coming G.  If you've got Android 1.6 what are you waiting for, of course its free.

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