Monday, December 7, 2009

Motorola Opus: makes a sound arguement for switching to Boost

Typically I avoid posting rumors because I dont do well with disappointment but this one is almost too good to ignore.  You know that company called Boost? yea the one with the $50 unlimited everything plan, and the crappy phones, ok what if I told you that they could be getting a full featured Android phone.  Yea I know, I know.  Sounds too good to  be true to me too.  According to the Blogsphere (the world of bloggers) there is a strong possibility that the shiny device you see above might end up on Boost Mobile, so if you've been holding off on getting Boost because the phones suck, well....
There is no release date yet and this is still in the rumor stage, but if it is true, then I guess I'm out of excuses, now to figure out how to get out of this damn contract.

Source: BGR

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