Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fring rolls out Skype video calling to your Nokia S60 device

Finally, if you have a Nokia X6, N97, mini, N97, 5800, N95 or basically any Nokia device with a front facing camera, guess what?
Fring, the company that brought VOIP calling to the US through their Apple iPhone and Android app has added a new feature. Skype video calling is now available through Fring on Nokia s60 devices. For this to work, your friend will need to have the Fring app on their Nokia device or they can use the desktop version of Skype. The demonstration above features a glitchy test call, but the idea is compelling and I'm sure they are working hard to enable this feature for other devices as well.
But there's another hurdle, how will I use this on my Blackberry if the camera is on the back of the phone? Umm, wheres Macgyver when you need him.

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