Friday, November 13, 2009

How to lower your iPhone bill to $55/month

If you are like most iPhone users, you are very proud to have the best in mobile technology in your pocket and feel an extra boost of confidence every time you pull out your device. We get it, you’re cool, you can afford to pay $99/month in a jacked up economy. Ok let’s say you’re not one of those customers who can afford the $100 tag for all you can eat iPhone. Well maybe this can help you keep the device you love and finally treat your friends to that latte you’ve been promising for months.

Now technically speaking this is dishonest, and if you do it and are caught, I am not liable for ANYTHING. Just like Jailbreaking your iPhone, you do this at your own risk and there may or may not be consequences. You will sacrifice the ability to receive text messages directly to your number but I’ll tell you how to get around that. With that said, you’ll need: a back up low-end phone, and an iPhone, yeah that’s really it, oh and an internet/WIFI connection
Step 1: Call AT&T customer service and tell them you no longer want to use your iPhone and would like to switch to another device, they will blah blah blah you but insist. They will ask for the ESN code for your other phone, I used my old Sony Erricsson W810i. At this time take the SIM card out of your iPhone and set it aside. Once they have made the switch ask them to put you on the $39.99 voice plan, and to add the $15 unlimited data for non-smartphones to your plan. Thank them and hang up.
Step 2: Put the SIM card back into your iPhone and reboot the device, twice to be safe but once is just fine. Make sure you are able to access a WIFI access point and connect your iPhone, then go to then follow the pictures above.  Now, download textfree, or textplus, or any other free text messaging app you like to be able to send text messages.
Step 3: Go online to your AT&T account and make sure that the device listed there is the one you switched to, AT&T has a funny habit of changing it back to the iPhone, so make sure it stays a non-smartphone or they may try to get you. That is pretty much it, and you’re welcome.

If you have any questions or issues, please comment.


  1. be 4real does it work?
    b/c im gettin a iphone and i want to try it

  2. Do you still have complete access to the internet/ applications/ and visual voice mail? are there any particular areas that won't work after this switch?

  3. yes this does work, you will lose visual voicemail but everything else works just fine, make sure you use the method to get 3g data and youre all set, my girlfriend has had hers set up like this for several months, with no issues

  4. Hi, is this still working as of today?
    Thanx a lot, if not please give a a link for futher info.
    Thanx again.

  5. I don't understand, just by switching phones, taking the sim card out of the iphone and putting it back in and rebooting twice, you're able to get calls on your iphone? Doesn't make sense. Are you using the simcard from the cheap phone in the iphone? How do you even access the sim card?

  6. I was told by the Apple rep to just use my regular phone's sim card on the 3GS. I have been using it over a year without problems. I just have to use WiFi and not 3G. When my husband's contract is over we'll make the switch with his. It's not illegal because you are not stealing 3G service. You pay for phone service and use your own or available WiFi. You get charged per text message just like you would any other phone if you don't have a text plan.

  7. Instead of doing all that was mentioned above, here is an alternative way if you use less minutes and more data usage. Call At&t and ask them to switch you to "senior citizen" voice plan for which you get 200 anytime minutes per month (i barely use all my minutes), unlimited weekends and after 9pm etc. Then add $15 or $25 data plan and still your total monthly bill should be $45-55. BTW you need not be a "senior citizen" to receive the senior citizen minutes plan. It is sort of risky if caught, but worth trying. :-)

  8. They're not stupid you guys, it's not like AT&T hasn't caught on yet