Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jailbroken iPhones beware of Rick Rolling

If you've jailbroken your iPhone please pay attention. This week two iPhone viruses were discovered with the potential to infect your device and steal your information.
Earlier this week, Australian coder Ikee wrote an iPhone worm targeting the users of jailbroken iPhones, the worm changed the wallpaper of the iPhone to a picture of Rick Astley. Nice. Ikee explained that the worm was to show people the vulnerability of their iPhone and he had no intention of stealing anybody's info. He explained that users needed to change the root password of their SSH, which is set to "alpine" by default after jailbreak, and this was his attempt to get them to pay attention. Fair enough.
Today another virus named "iPhone/Privacy.A" popped up. This virus can retrieve email messages, SMS messages, calendar appointments, contacts, photos, music files, videos and any other data on your iPhone it finds worthwhile.
Heres how to fix the problem: Techie-Buzz

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