Saturday, November 14, 2009

Palm Pre OS 1.3.1 goes live, iTunes syncing no go

Good news Palm Pre users, the newest update to webOS is out, and should be available on your phone immediately.  This update will allegedly speed up the phone since it unlocks access to the GPU, but their is no fix for the latest block on Apple's iTunes.  To be honest if you really want to sync music to your Pre reliably I would suggest you go with DoubleTwist.  Some noteworthy improvements are:
  • Text message forwarding.
  • Widescreen video playback on Youtube.
  • Full Synchronization with Yahoo Services.
  • Unique ringtones for text messages. (Finally)
  • and more.  Check your phone for the update and download.  
Did you find any new features not mentioned in this post, please comment.

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