Thursday, November 12, 2009

Verizon is attacking ATT not IPhone, and its working

Verizons onslaught on AT&T continues with their newest commercials aimed which depict the Iphone as a misfit toy. In the commercial the iphone wanders into the Island of misfit toys and one of the other toys say "What are you doing here? You can download apps and surf the web" The poor iphone pops up its AT&T map, and the other toys sigh. Classic. The ad is brilliant and does exactly what it is intended to do, which is, stick it to AT&T where it hurts.
It is common knowledge that AT&T cannot handle the Iphone, their network has been torn to shreds by the mobile powerhouse and the masses are getting fed up. AT&T has promised to expand its 3g coverage and is rolling out its high speed HSPA network ahead of schedule, but that could all be much ado if Verizon continues their assault. This ad is the 3rd Ive seen in the line of ads aimed at crippling AT&T's growth and they are funny, informative, and best of all direct.
Verizon has taken a few notes out of the "Art of War", their ad campaign signals an offensive approach that is careful not to offend the Iphone (which they obviously covet) but makes a great arguement for their network. They are effectively saying, "you may have a great device but if its on crappy network it will suffer". Although it seems like the Iphone is doing fine, thanks mainly to Apple's shift from taking a cut of AT&T's monthly royalties to basically making them pay $600 up front and letting them figure out the rest on their own.
It seems like the date for an Iphone on Verizon is coming soon, and Verizon is doing a great job of paving the way for customers who are eager to abandon the spotty coverage of AT&T for a more reliable network and its obvious by the recent lawsuits filed by AT&T that the attacks are working.

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