Sunday, November 15, 2009

The smartphone revolution and the future of mobile technology

Mobile technology is quickly changing the way we interact with not only each other but the world around us.  Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, these names would have caused hard stares ten to fifteen years ago but today they are a part of our everyday vernacular.
One day I will reach into my pocket to write a message to my friend in Asia about the crazy day I've been having.  I will then call my mom in Europe to see how her vacation is going.  Ill play some video games with an opponent in another country.  Ill be interrupted by a message from a friend asking me whats going on tonight, after responding I'll finish my game.  Then, I will check the weather forecast for that night to see if I'll need my jacket later, all on one device.  Sounds too good to be true?
Smart devices, specifically smartphones are becoming utilitarian devices that can do it all.  One device to do all the things you can imagine doing and more.  The perfect robot, always at your command, instant access, instant gratification, always connected.  You want to check on the latest movies, you want to write a note, you want to read an article, shop for a new hat, watch a movie, listen to a song, learn a new language, etc etc.The movement is already underway and the smart devices are getting stronger, faster, better everyday.  In the very near future we will no longer be enslaved by wireless carriers who determine how much traffic we can or cannot utilize on our devices.  With the expansion of WIFI and the deployment of high speed cellular technology such as LTE and WiMax, our smart devices will be able to stay connected without being locked to a single carrier.
The future will see carriers offering strictly data services.  Our devices will be bought through subsidies or at up-front costs and then we will choose the data service plan we would like, much like buying a pre-paid plan.  1 day access $3, 1 week for $10, and 1 month for $30.  The prices will vary by carriers with the deciding factor being quality of service.  Those who can will pay $60/month for the best data service available while the less fortunate may opt for a less reliable and somewhat slower connection for $30/month.
I for one am very excited about this eminent future.  I love the rapid growth and development of mobile technology because it has and will continue to change the world we live in for the better.  The future will offer more freedom, more choices, and best of all cheaper, faster, and better gadgets, I'm really looking forward to it.

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