Thursday, November 19, 2009

AT&T to Verizon: Your company's name starts with a V

Oh, Luke Wilson, you're such a puppet, but thats alright, I'd do an ad for AT&T too if they paid me, id even take an unlocked iPhone, why an unlocked iPhone you ask, to use on T-mobile of course.

Remember that war of words thing I told you about a couple of days ago.  The beef between AT&T and Verizon went before a federal judge in Atlanta to be settled and the winner is...well there is no clear winner yet but this battle goes to Verizon.  The judge ruled that although the ads may be "sneaky" they were not misleading and he could not justify taking them off the air.

To save face AT&T has is airing the commercial above in an attempt to set the record straight.  Their contention in the ad seems to be that they have the fastest 3G coverage, the iPhone, and Verizon starts with a V.  While sidestepping the real argument, namely, what is the point of having the fastest 3G network if users cant access it?  Don't worry this story is far from over, a follow-up hearing is set for Dec. 16, hopefully AT&T will come up with a winning argument by then or they may just accept their faults and do something about them, but we all know some people don't take criticism well.

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