Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sprint News:because when youre #3 you need all the attention you can get

I'm going for a four-fer on this one:

The Palm Pixi is now $25 on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Wirefly, on a new 2-year contract of course.  You know you care.

The Palm Pre is now $79.99 on Amazon, they are also throwing in free activation on a 2-year agreement.

OTA (Over the Air) updates for the Sprint HTC Hero went out last night, no you're not getting Android 2.0 sit down.  The fixes include, the notorious SMS issue, mute and speakerphone button on screen when you make a call or receive them, and something about Daylight Saving Time.  Your phone should prompt you to ugrade if it hasn't already.

Sprint has done something that no other carrier has done before them: they have eliminated their previous 20 cents per minute charge for conditional call forwarding.  Big deal right, well if you use a Visual voicemail application that is not native to your device you'd know why this matters.  For example: I use Google Voice as my phone's voicemail service, so when callers call me they here a custom greeting, just for them, plus I get an email transcription whenever a caller leaves me a voicemail. Ill be writing a guide for those interested in setting this up for themselves, and if you have Sprint service you wont have to worry about incurring additional  charges on your bill.

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