Tuesday, November 17, 2009

T-mobile: the Sidekicks are back, no no no, they're cool now

The Sidekicks are back, the sidekicks are back.

T-mobile had an embarrasing month last month.  What had happened was: Danger (the company that takes care of the Sidekick data) was bought by Microsoft and Microsoft went and hired a third party company to come in and upgrade Danger's systems.  So while they were doing their thing, something went wrong and a whole bunch of Sidekick users started losing their s&%/stuff.
When T-mobile caught on they stopped selling Sidekicks and told current Sidekick owners to keep their phones from shutting off until they figure out a way to restore their data.  Needless to say a lot of people were pissed, and some probably dropped T-mobile and their Sidekicks into a gutter.  T-mobile said it was sorry and offered unhappy customers, a $100 credit, but the damage is done.  As if that wasn't bad enough California and Washington may be suing poor T-mobile over the data loss.
T-mobile seems to be ready to move on, the carrier has resumed sales of the Sidekick line of devices once again, with a slight ($25) drop in price of course.  So if you've been waiting, go grab your favorite Sidekick device, go ahead, good luck, and do a backup every once in a while, you know just in case.
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