Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Droid Camera issue, noted and explained, fix coming soon

For those of you fortunate enough to own a Droid, if you weren't too busy showing off, you may have noticed your devices inability to auto-focus when taking stills.  In an Engadget posting earlier today Google's Dan Morrill explains:

"Yes, this is exactly what is happening.

There's a rounding-error bug in the camera driver's autofocus routine (which uses a timestamp) that causes autofocus to behave poorly on a 24.5-day cycle. That is, it'll work for 24.5 days, then have poor performance for 24.5 days, then work again.

The 17th is the start of a new "works correctly" cycle, so the devices will be fine for a while. A permanent fix is in the works."

So I guess what that means is that you have another 24.5 days of proper auto-focus on your Droid, so snap away, hopefully a permanent fix appears soon.  Seems like an honest mistake on Google's part, this is the kind of thing that goes unnoticed until it actually becomes an issue, big ups to Google for getting to the bottom of this.

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